Monday, July 2, 2012

Have You Heard of the FlyLady?

It's summer time and so my posts get a little sporadic with all the fun family reunions, vacations, and DEEP cleaning going on. I'm working on organizing and cleaning my house little by little and I wanted to ask you, my readers, if you've heard of the FlyLady?

She is amazing! I discovered over ten years ago and then I kind of forgot about it for a while, but now I've started back up with Flying lessons. The FlyLady is genius with so many wonderful ideas, simple steps, and encouraging training. The best part is you can Fly for free. Visit her site and you will see the incredible amount of tips, advice, and organizing/cleaning expertise that is available to everyone.

I just wanted to share something that is getting me excited about my summer chores and also shaping up my home. Can't wait to show you my big project---organizing the bookshelves!

So have you heard? If so, what's one of your favorite tips from the FlyLady? If not, click on over there and see what I'm smiling about! :)


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