Thursday, August 2, 2012


“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.”
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I wanted to be an author my entire life. But there did come a time when my dreams nearly came to an end.

In high school, I was assigned to write a term paper. When my teacher returned it with a big letter D scrawled in red, I broke down and cried. I believed I had failed as a writer, that I would never have what it takes to live my dream.

Fortunately, the following year my new teacher saw something in my writing my previous teacher had not. She expressed confidence in my abilities, and so my abilities and my confidence improved.

In my book, The Rock of Ivanore, Marcus believes he can’t do magic. Every time he tries, it backfires. His master, Zyll, gives him a gift he promises will unlock his destiny. With this gift, Marcus hones his skills and gains the self-assurance he needs to succeed in his quest.

Six years ago I decided it was time to live my dream. It wasn’t easy. Over the next two years I received forty-five rejections. But I never gave up and eventually, I succeeded. I became a published author.

Like Marcus, everyone must find their own magic, the dream that drives us forward. Whatever it is, no matter how difficult the struggle, we must keep going until success is ours.

Laurisa White Reyes has been writing since the age of 5 when she wrote her first poem on a scrap of poster board. She spent thirteen years writing for magazines and newspapers, and then gave up all that six years ago to follow her lifelong dream of writing novels. Her first book, The Rock of Ivanore, was released in May 2012 with Tanglewood Press. Besides writing, Laurisa is also a voracious reader. She also loves musical theater, chocolate, sushi, ancient history, bearded dragons, and rain storms.  She lives in Southern California with her husband, 5 children, 4 birds, 2 lizards, 2 turtles, 1 fish, 1 dog, and a partridge in a pear tree.
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