Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Piper Reed Forever Friend Book Review & Giveaway

What a great week we are having here with so many fun giveaways. Make sure you check out all the posts this week and enter--so easy for a chance to win!

Today I get to review a fabulous middle-grade reader from the Piper Reed series by Kimberly Willis Holt. Piper is a "navy brat" and as such has already lived in several places at her young age. Moving is a part of life, but it comes with some not so fun parts, like leaving behind your best friend.

Here's the blurb from the book:
Piper is excited to move to a new state and catch up with old friends. But the move doesn’t go as smoothly as she expected: Piper has trouble feeling accepted in her new surroundings. But then she meets Arizona Smiley. Arizona is an avid stamp collector and bowls in a league. Piper is intrigued by Arizona’s originality and before long, she wins Arizona’s affections, and the two become great friends. This move turns out to be the best one yet, and Piper is eager to spread her trademark “Get Off the Bus” catchphrase once again.

My thoughts: This book is an excellent take on military life for kids. I can't imagine the difficulties of moving so often, and that is what makes this character unique--Piper knows what it's like and shows kids that struggles are real and she's still okay. My nine-year-old daughter is also reading this book and commented on the funny character that Piper is and the problems she gets herself into and out of. I'm impressed with Kimberly's writing style and fresh character voice.
Kimberly Willis Holt is the author of the other books in the Piper Reed series and has written many acclaimed novels, including The Water Seeker. She lives in West Texas.
Christine Davenier has illustrated many books for young readers, as well as the books in the Piper Reed series. She lives in Paris, France.

I absolutely loved the interview that Kimberly gave at this blog .If you'd like to learn more about her journey as an author and her writing, check it out here.

And now for the giveaway! I want to win one of these prizes, but I'm so nice that I'm sharing with my wonderful followers!
1 signed hardback copy of PIPER REED, FOREVER FRIEND
1 signed paperback copy of PIPER REED, NAVY BRAT
1 signed paperback copy of PIPER REED, RODEO STAR

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