Monday, September 24, 2012

My New Writing Desk!

 I'm so excited today to show off my new writing space! I've been in limbo for some time trying to figure out how to have a writing space with my four young children. For about the last three years, I've been writing on my childhood desk.

I bought the desk for $15 when I was about ten years old. I painted it white and my aunt painted the cute rainbows and smiling suns on the drawers.
Just darling isn't it? Perfect for a professional writer...

I didn't repaint my desk because I kept hoping for a chance to use an office and pass the desk onto my two daughters. This past year we were trying to transform the baby room into an office while the baby was still there.
In March, my grandma passed away. She was a great lady with impeccable taste and she left many nice things behind to share with her family. My brother had been willed a fabulous solid wood desk, but he lives in Maryland and the desk was in Idaho. So he gave the desk to his sister, who happens to be an author writing on her childhood desk.

Have I mentioned how much I love my brother? Yeah, I kinda do and I think you would too, if he gave you this desk!
 When they brought the desk, I was unprepared for the mammoth piece of furniture, so we put it in the baby room hoping to turn it into my office. One problem--my baby is really cute and a terror. After a lot of thought, I told my husband that I wasn't willing to sacrifice his nap time (and my sanity) by putting him in the room with his older brother. I also wasn't willing to sacrifice the fact that he still sleeps in his crib at almost age two and never tries to climb out. And also, who was I kidding? When could I go in a room and close the door and work in peace, HAHAHAHA!!! I love my children and I'm used to working in a central location where I can meet their needs--which are many and often.
But how could I make this large piece of furniture work in my small front room?
 Enter the Interior Designer, Ruthe Clarke of

Ruthe came to my house and gave me a two-hour consultation which was fabulous. She's great at what she does and recommended that I not put so much furniture in my front room, but when I explained that the need for functionality was my priority, she worked with me to make the room come together.

I still have some work to do redecorating and rearranging pictures, etc. on my walls based on Ruthe's talented observations, but I am so loving my desk! Ruthe has a book on interior design coming soon, so keep an eye on her blog.

Old desk out and new desk in! Now I need to recover my office chair or switch it for something that doesn't look like it was free from my hubby's work!

What do you think of Rachelle's Writing Spot? I think I'm feeling creative and ready to get back to work on book #2 in my new series!


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