Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nothing is More Important

--Unknown source

I've seen this quote in a couple places recently and it impressed me so much that I added it to my vision board. It's a great reminder for me to stop and look at the moment that I'm in--whether I'm frustrated with my children and tired of the yelling/screaming/tantrum/mess capades or I'm questioning the worth of how I'm spending my time and what will come of it. Nothing is more important than this day--thinking that has helped me grab onto some pretty spectacular moments before they slipped through the walls of time.

Today I let my girls sleep in and they were about two minutes late to school, then I went for a walk with friends, talked about great books, played with my boys, I'll be making brownies for the teachers at the school tonight, cooking dinner, outlining a new novel, working on social media, AND I'm going to make some time to call a dear friend, then curl up on the couch with a good book. I'm doing all this with a different perspective because I realized that right now, nothing is more important than this day.

How important is your day today?


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