Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Running Into the Wind with Bronco Mendenhall

For my book review today I must first remind you that I am a Utah State University Aggie all the way! This Friday at the rivals game, I will be cheering, GO AGGIES! But that means no disrespect for an equally great school and what has come from it--hence this book review.

I'm still reading the book, Running Into the Wind: Bronco Mendenhall, 5 Strategies for Building a Successful Team, and so is my hubby. My die-hard BYU fan brother-in law is next in line, but this isn't just about sports. Within the first few pages, I found something to apply to my life and my family. We're talking life-changing, people!
Paul Gustavson created a system called the 5 Smooth Stones and in the book, co-author Alyson Von Feldt talks about her own family. She referenced Smooth Stone #2 and said, "I knew that organizations--including families--are perfectly designed to get the results that they get."

I read that, grabbed my highlighter and read it again. It resonated with me because I realized that everything we get from our children, spouse, friends, is pretty much because of what we gave first. My children know what I expect and act accordingly--which can be good and bad. They know where the lines get a bit wiggly and try to push those boundaries, so it's important for me to remember that as a parent, I'm perfectly designed to get the results that I am getting.
These principles work on and off the field, in families, in relationships, in business settings.

If you'd like to learn more about these principles and the incredible work that Bronco Mendenhall has done with the BYU Football team, then check out this book.

Here's more info:

There is no other collegiate football program in the world like the one found at Brigham Young University. None. Certainly that has much to do with the fact that the school is the largest religious university in the United States, owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But perhaps there is an even more unique differentiator - a head football coach who is unwavering in his unorthodox style of mentoring, strengthening, teaching, and even recuiting his players. Bronco Mendenhall's coaching style is considered jaw-dropping by many and ludicrous to some. However, no one can overlook the success the Cougars have had. How does his team consistently win ten or more games year after year? What philosophy and practices did Bronco implement to create this sustained success? One thing we know is that Bronco's system goes against the grain. He believes that running into the wind is an opportunity and is key to ultimately creating a sustained competitive advantage. The first section, On the Field, discusses the challenges Bronco has faced as the head coach, the principles and practices he learned to face those challenges, and the on-field applications and results. The second section, In the Football Offices, looks deeper into Broncos system and the business principles and tools of the five smooth stones that Bronco was taught by Paul Gustavson. Whether you are a coach or a leader, the organization strategies and models that Paul taught Bronco can be applied to any business or team. Simple, this section is where the coach of the coach will coach you, too.

About the Authors

Paul Gustavson, a former BYU football player, has for more than three decades made an indepth study of the strategies and design of high-performance teams and organizations. He received the prestigious BYU Marriott School of Managements William G. Dyer Distinguished Alumni Award in 1999. Since founding his own company, Organization Planning and Design, Inc., Pauls consulting work has included national and international projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as over fifty startups, greenfield sites, and joint ventures. Paul's work has been featued in more than fifty books, company magazines, and periodicals.

Alyson Von Feldt is a consultant and writer who has guided major organization design initiatives at enterprises ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. As a writer, she has developed robust tools and training programs that showcase and simplify powerful design techniques, and she has put to paper the stories of intriguing high-performing organizations. She founded Crimson Corporate with her husband, Doug, to help leaders transform their enterprises. She is a passionate BYU Football fan and serves on the board of the Kansas City chapter of the BYU Alumni Association.

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher. This does not affect my reviews.


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