Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things My Kids Say

I've been working this year on finding more joy in the small moments. It's tough when there is so much work to do, crying babies, dirty laundry, homework, housework, etc. but that's why I needed to put more effort into smiling at those in-between moments.

I thought it'd be fun to share a few of the things my kids have said lately that made me smile.

9yo Miss G: "Mom, I think you're smarter than Dad."

7yo Miss M was scheduled to get her braces and would have to miss 4H at school. After I told her, she said her prayers, "Please bless that we won't have to miss 4H."  I called and rescheduled the appt. for the morning. The receptionist laughed and said, "We don't want to interfere with prayers."

I asked my 4yo, Mr. D if I needed to trim his nails. He looked at his hands and said, "Nah, these are just my claws." Hmm, I'll go get the clippers.

There have been so many flies lately and my kids know they drive me nuts. My almost 2yo squeals and tries to say "Fly" every time he sees one on the ceiling. In fact, when he's having a tempter tantrum, that's how I distract him. I say, "Oh no, I saw a fly." He stops and starts looking around for one.  

Mr. D (4yo) and the neighbor girl were playing. They came in the house and she held out her fist. "Look, we caught a little rat!" 
When I saw the tail wriggle, I screamed and hurried them out of the house. I asked her how she got the mouse and she said the cat was playing with it! Ewwww! We gave it back to the cat.

When I made the kids keep going back to clean their room because it didn't pass inspection they said, "You're a mean mom."  But when I gave them ice cream in our glass sundae dishes, they said, "You're the best mom ever!"

There are so many moments that make me laugh or smile. Sometimes writing them down helps me to pay attention to them more. Everyone tells me these years go by fast--I want to remember to hold onto the best parts of them.

How about you? Are you finding joy in the small moments?


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