Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat with Brandon Mull Books

Have you heard of Brandon Mull? Well, he's kind of a wickedly awesome author of a few of my favorite books, like Fablehaven!

I received Brandon's latest picture book, PINGO and the Playground Bully illustrated by the talented Brandon Dorman and my kids loved it.

You know what? I loved it too, because there are several books out about bullying, but Brandon put a new spin on this age-old problem. PINGO helps even very young kids see how important it is to recognize talents and abilities in ALL of us and that we are all different and it's OKAY!

Who has the best imaginary friend? Is it Gary, who protects the galaxy with Sparky the robot? Or Tiffany, who helps save the day with Awesome Girl? Or Dustin, who can hide Mr. Bob in his pocket? During recess, Chad and Pingo are invited to participate in the contest to see which imaginary friend is the smartest or the strongest or the sneakiest. But when Jeremy, the schoolyard bully, and his imaginary friend, Grunt, barge into the contest, demanding to be included, no one expects what happens next—or how Pingo saves the day.
Pingo and the Playground Bully is a delightful, full-color picture book about the power of kindness and the importance of including others.

So where's the Trick or Treat? Well, I'm pretty lucky because I also received Brandon's latest novel Book 2 of THE CANDY SHOP WAR-- Arcade Catastrophe. What better way to celebrate Halloween than by giving away a free copy of this delicious book?!
It will take more than magical candy to win this war!
Something fishy is going on at the new amusement center in Walnut Hills. The trouble seems linked to the mysterious disappearance of Mozag and John Dar, who have spent their lives policing the magical community. When Nate and his friends are asked to help investigate, they discover kids feverishly playing arcade games in an effort to win enough tickets to redeem one of four stamps: jets, tanks, submarines, and racecars.
Rumor has it that the stamps are definitely worth it. But what do they do?
The kids soon discover that the owner of Arcadeland is recruiting members for four different clubs. When each club is filled, he will begin his quest to retrieve a magical talisman of almost unimaginable power. With John Dart and Mozag sidelined, will Nate, Summer, Trevor, Pigeon, and their new friend Lindy, find a way to save the day? Find out in this sweetest adventure ever!

I read lots of books aloud to my two older daughters while my hubby reads to the little boys each night. The girls are so excited about reading this new series together!

If you haven't read one of Brandon Mull's books yet, then I encourage you to pick one up and I'm even giving you a chance to win one for free! Yes, you can win Book 2 of The Candy Shop War! Enter away and read a good book with lots of tricks and treats!

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