Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jeremy's Christmas Journey Guest Post

As part of the blog tour for the new book, Jeremy's Christmas Journey, I invited author, Scott Johnson to share a few thoughts about how this story came to be.

"Jeremy’s Christmas Journey is a story about a boy’s struggle to find faith in Christ. He is paralyzed and experiences many of the struggles and challenges that come from a disability. At the beginning of the story he is very down and doubtful. On Christmas Eve he has a remarkable journey that changes everything. His extraordinary experience allows him to hear the testimonies of notable bible characters that transforms him on multiple levels. Ultimately I hope readers and listeners will draw closer to Christ and understand His importance in their life through the book and music.

The story itself has also experienced a remarkable transformation from a short story for my family to enjoy at Christmas time, to a novel and musical CD. I feel very blessed to have penned the story and lyrics of Jeremy’s Christmas Journey. Sometimes I read parts of the story or hear the lyrics of the song and ask myself “Did I really write that?” It is a surreal experience." --Scott Johnson

Author Bio:

Author Scott A. Johnson spent most of his childhood in Utah, where he gained a love for creative writing. Recognizing his potential at a young age, his teachers and family encouraged him to explore his developing writing talents.

Scott continued to craft imaginative and original stories through his teenage years, including original short stories that are beloved by his family. He published his first book, "Nutrition: A Word of Wisdom," in 2009, and has published more than 200 health and fitness articles in various online and print publications.

Scott, his wife and four children reside in beautiful Utah County where they enjoy the mountains and outdoors. Scott is regularly asked by his children to share an original story, and he gladly obliges.

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