Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thoughts from How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife by Michael Snapp

Today I get to share some thoughts from a new author, Michael J. Snapp. He wrote this great little book called, How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife. And since I have four children and very difficult pregnancies, I thought, Man, this is a great idea! Wish I would've had this sooner! My husband, Steve, is pretty thoughtful, but I think men in general have a hard time understanding pregnancy and how difficult it is on so many levels for the woman.
This book combines humor and good sense with an extra dose of thoughtfulness to keep your pregnant wife uplifted during her pregnancy.
I asked Michael to share a thought with us about his book and why he decided to write it. Here's what he said:
 "I want couples to grow closer together. What better time than when pregnant? Whether it's the first or last pregnancy, that's a critical time for couples to get and remain close! I want guys to commit to being real men, and make their wife and kids a priority. I want them to have an increased awareness of their wife's feelings and needs...and an amplified desire to take care of them. I figured the best place to start was with me. "
--Michael J. Snapp

Well said, Michael! I think this is an excellent gift book, and it's a great deal, so pick one up and pass it along to that guy who needs a little boost in How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife.
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C'mon you know you want to--tell us about one of the nicest things your hubby did for you when you were pregnant.
When I was pregnant with my second child, I had so many problems that I ended up having to use a wheelchair if I needed to walk more than twenty-five yards. The pain was so excruciating and nothing helped. I'm very active, love walking, running, and being outdoors. My sweet husband would push me in the wheelchair while I held our first child on my diminishing lap so that we could go for a walk. Yep, I love him!

Now, it's your turn to share!


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