Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guest Post by Eric Shuster, Where Are the Christians?


The five chapters of Section 3 answer the question of “where are the Christians?” by revealing the five major types of Christians in America today:  Departing, Adequate, Hesitant, Laboring and Latent—and how the reader can complete an exercise to identify themselves among these five.    

Chapter 9:  They’re leaving—Losing Their Belief as Departing Christians
The first Christian type to be explored is the Departing Christian. These are Christians who are literally or psychologically losing their faith. These are Christians that don’t believe as they once did (or perhaps never did), who are living watered down doctrines of Christianity, and losing their testimony of the Savior through inactivity and prolonged sin without repentance. Simply put, these are Christians who have one foot in and one foot out.

Chapter 10:  They’re Hiding—Not Practicing Their Faith as Adequate Christians
The second Christian type identified is the Adequate Christian. These are Christians that are not leaving but rather “in hiding,” concealing themselves in the shadows unseen, ducking any and all spiritual responsibility in a desire to be left alone. 

Chapter 11:  They’re Vacillating—Living Under Their Potential as Hesitant Christians
The third Christian type profiled is the Hesitant Christian. These are Christians who are not departing or hiding, but are instead dithering and vacillating with great faith waiting to be cut loose! These Christians have enormous potential but are sitting on the sidelines indecisive about entering the game of true discipleship.

Chapter 12:  They’re Endeavoring—Living Discipleship in Christ as Laboring Christians
The forth major Christian type is the Laboring Christian. In the ideal Christian world the disciples of Christ continually embrace all of the values discussed in chapter 6 and live lives exemplary of the Savior; such is the journey of the Laboring Christian. The fifth Christian type is extremely rare as one exercising abundant works, but with little faith to support those works—this is the Latent Christian which is only briefly discussed.

Chapter 13:  What Kind of Christian are You? Complete the Exercise
Christians in America are spread out among those who are departing, feeling adequate, hesitating, and laboring (understanding there are very few who are latent). These Christians—meaning all Christians—move along a continuum based upon the exercising of faith unto works in an often erratic and volatile way. The book offers an exercise to help the reader identify their Christian type on the day the exercise is completed. Come back a year later and perhaps that type has shifted up or down the Christian Continuum.

The question of “are you a Christian?” now becomes irrelevant and is replaced by “what kind of Christian are you?”The Christian community can eliminate the judgmental spirit of deciding who is a Christian and who is not by moving to a more useful and productive dialogue of where believers are along the Christian Continuum. With readers understanding where the Christians are it is finally time to chart a course to greater unity among these hundreds of millions of people, the vision of Section 4.

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