Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thought on Writing

Hello! Happy Thursday!
I had a blast at the recent LDStorymakers Writing Conference and hope to be posting more about that soon. I'm a little crazy/busy around here because we're packing to move, but don't know where yet! Our house is under contract and the idea is to get closer to my husband's job but there are tons of options when you travel an hour away to work.

I read an excellent quote from the League of Utah Writers newsletter and I wanted to share it.

You must keep sending
work out; you must
never let a manuscript
do nothing but eat its
head off in a drawer.
You send that work out
again and again, while
you're working on
another one. If you have
talent, you will receive
some measure of
success - but only if you
-- Isaac Asimov

This is excellent advice and something I've been thinking about with a few projects that have been waiting for me to come back to them and let them see the light.

What about you? Are you working on your talents?


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