Saturday, October 5, 2013

Celebrate National Pasta Day with a Contest!

Shannon Smurthwaite, author of "Mormon Mama Italian Cookbook," is running a contest to encourage families to have fun on National Pasta Day, October 17. 

Do you enjoy sharing recipes with your family and friends? Do you have a pasta creation everyone raves over and requests at gatherings?

If so, Shannon Smurthwaite is looking for an original pasta recipe in honor and celebration of this fun day.

The winning recipe submission will be announced on National Pasta Day, and the winner will receive a copy of "Mormon Mama Italian Cookbook" and will be featured on Shannon's website,

Rules: You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. You cannot be a professional chef, food editor, cookbook author, or relation to Cedar Fort Publishing. Recipe must be original or a family tradition.

Recipes must be received by midnight on Saturday October 12, 2013.

Send recipes to 
Top 10 Tips for Celebrating Pasta Day
1.  Change it up. Select a pink, white, or pesto sauce to pour over your oodles of noodles.

2.  Try a new variety. Consider farfalle (bowties), campanelle (little fluted bells), orzo (risoni or big rice), fiori (flowers), radiatori (baby radiators) or mostaccioli (little mustaches). Try wheat, gluten-free, or vegetable versions of pasta, which are now typically found on most grocery store shelves.

3.  Get creative! Fold pepperoni, sliced olives, capers, marinated artichokes, or sauteed zucchini into your favorite pasta sauce.

4.  If you have young children at home, let them help shop and select the pasta shape or variety you'll be serving. Chances are they'll finish their meal if it includes something they've had a hand in choosing.

5.  Make your own meatballs. They aren't as hard as you think, and they are a funaddition to any pasta dish.

6.  Assign one of your family members or guests the job of sharing a little history about pasta before you dig into your meal. Purist alert:  One school of thought speculates that Marco Polo introduced pasta to Italy after one of his trips to China.

7.  Decorate your serving table with little Italian flags and use red or green napkins. Wrap small bundles of dry pasta with ribbons and use as table favors. Provide bottles of Italian sodas at each place setting.

8.  Try spumoni or biscotti for dessert.

9.  Load up the iPod with festive Italian music to play during your gathering.

10.  No matter how you serve your pasta, mark the occasion with family and friends.  Italian food just tastes better with your loved ones close by.

Eat well and be happy -- a true Italian way of living!

About the Book: 
Italian cooking has never been easier, nor more delicious! From her mother's meatballs to easy but authentic pasta dishes, focaccia bread, and simple truffles, Shannon's recipes will excite even the pickiest eaters. Bring your whole family together for a little taste of Italy with this delightful and entertaining cookbook!

You can find a copy of "Mormon Mama Italian Cookbook" at Books & Things,Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores.  

About Shannon:
Shannon McClary Smurthwaite grew up in Los Angeles, California. The oldest of three daughters, Shannon loved spending time at her Italian grandmother's side. She attended Cal State-Northridge and BYU, studying art and design. She is married to Donald Smurthwaite, and they are the parents of four wonderful children. Shannon's family happily serves as her official taste testers, and they share their mother's love for cooking and creating in the kitchen. She resides in Meridian, Idaho.


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