Friday, November 8, 2013

The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, Reach Your Goal Weight and Feel Great with this Book

Dr. Eric Berg's latest book has something for everyone. Whether you have struggled for the last thirty years to lost those thirty pounds, or you're fit and healthy, but wondering why your energy level isn't where you desire, his expertise sheds light on what you can do to CHANGE your lifestyle and the way you feel.

My husband snatched up this book when he saw the section about men's propensity for a pot-gut. He's been determined not to get the "old man belly". What my husband loved the best was how the book gave customized diet plans and information for each of 4 different body types: Liver, Adrenal glands, Ovary, and Thyroid glands.
We read through the book and pinpointed the exercise tips and eating principles that would be most beneficial to each of our specific body types. We've already overhauled our diet in the last six months, but this book cemented the changes that were in progress and gave us that extra motivation to stay on the healthy course to heal our body. My husband and I are both at optimal weight now, and the biggest difference is the feeling of waking up in the morning with a clear head and energy to conquer the day.

Here's more about this book: The 7 Principles of Fat Burning is the handbook to the sensational Berg Diet that has empowered thousands of people to get healthy, lose weight and keep it off. It shows how to activate your fat-burning hormones with a tailor-made eating and exercise plan for your body type. The 7 Principles is a highly practical book that provides clear explanations-aided by dozens of charts and illustrations-of the principles of healthy weight loss. Easy-to-understand health and nutrition information and simple tests to determine your correct body type are the keys to its success. Knowledge is power and The 7 Principles of Fat Burning gives dieters the power to take command by eating the healthy diet that activates the fat-burning hormones for their body type. For years people have been told to lose weight to be healthy. The truth is, you need to get healthy to lose weight. The Seven Principles of Fat Burning shows you how. Dr. Berg thoroughly educates readers and puts them right where they should be: in charge of their own weight.


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