Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happiness is a Habit, Book Review

I love reading motivational books so when I heard about this new book by Michele Phillips, I jumped at the chance to read it and of course share a review with my lovely readers here!

Happiness is a Habit by Michele Phillips is an excellent book with bite-sized chapters that introduce new habits you can incorporate into your life to live with happiness as your constant companion. Michele instructs that happiness is a choice and we can make habits to thrive in happiness daily.
Each day I've been reading a chapter and feeling energized about how a shift in my perspective can change my own lives. I've recommitted to be the optimist I've always been and really own that character trait because it can move mountains.

This book is filled with great references, quotes, and suggestions for reading materials to help you along the way to happiness. Here is one of my favorite quotes from Michele:

"I suggest that you make the choice to be a deliberate creator in the life you live." --Michele Phillips

This book is an excellent resource. If you're looking for a manageable way to re-energize your life and claim happiness, then please read Happiness is a Habit by Michele Philips.

More about the book:
Renovate the rhythm of your life to create a healthier, happier you! Forget superficial fixes like fad diets or shopping sprees and instead learn how implementing simple daily habits like journaling, juicing, and unplugging electronics can improve your quality of life. The confidence, vitality, and joy that you deserve are just a habit away!

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