Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Newport Ladies Book Club Novel: Victoria's Promise by Julie Wright

I'm thrilled to have a chance to share my review of Victoria's Promise with you. Julie Wright is an excellent author and this book delivers on all of its promises. Wright captures the voice of her character Tori in such a way that she comes to life and you'll feel as if you know her and definitely be rooting for her!
This novel captured my attention from the very beginning. I love the treatment of the "reality TV" shows and how actual reality plays out so much differently. This isn't just a fluffy romance--Tori deals with problems and you can watch the strength of her character in action as she faces hard decisions about several aspects of her life.
There are so many feel-good, laugh-out-loud, and grit your teeth scenes in this book. Read Victoria's Promise if you're in the mood to be delighted by an author who knows how to weave an engaging tale.

Here's a blurb from the book:

A luxurious mansion. Thirty stunning bachelorettes. One very eligible bachelor. All of the ingredients are in place for a successful reality dating show, and behind the scenes, Tori Winters is set to pull the romantic strings as assistant director of Vows. Despite her distaste for public exhibitions of love—which spelled the death of her last relationship—Tori intends to give the public exactly what they want: scintillating footage of a bevvy of beauties vying for the attention of Christopher Caine. But Chris, a consummate Southern gentleman and the star of Vows, seems almost too good to be true—and soon, even Tori finds herself falling under his spell. Despite legal obligations to avoid fraternizing with the talent, it’s clear her feelings are anything but unrequited. With the support of her friends in the Newport Ladies Book Club, Tori must make a life-altering decision: is she willing to jeopardize all she’s worked for in order to embrace her own fairy-tale ending?

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I received a review copy of this novel which in no way affected my honest opinion.


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