Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feeding Baby Review & Giveaway

My sweet new baby is almost three months old already and so I've been reading and studying lots on nutrition for me (the breast-feeding mama) and for this 5th baby. I've learned a lot and this book is one I wish I could have read before I had my first child. Clancy Cash Harrison is extremely knowledgeable and Feeding Baby is so much more than a cookbook.
Filled with tips and instruction as well as detailed information about your growing baby and how to introduce foods, this book is a gem. I love Clancy's approach and the permission she extends to parents to have stress-free meals with your children and still introduce lots of new and healthy foods.

The charts that she includes in the book for introducing foods, different ways to prepare vegetables, and more are really invaluable. That's why I think it's so fantastic that I get to offer you one of her favorite charts from the book for FREE using this link:

Every parent should read this book, even if your kids are older than toddlers! Every grandparent should have a chance to study this book as well so they can support their grandchildren in healthy eating and food introduction without pressure.
Do you have a picky eater? This book teaches that some behaviors we label as picky aren't necessarily so. It also gives ideas and info to get through those so-called "picky" phases which I think are wonderful!

I'm impressed with this book and so glad that I can refer to it with my new baby.
There is a huge giveaway in conjunction with the book release. Find out more here I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher. My opinions are my own and I always share honest reviews.


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