Monday, January 5, 2015

New Books by Kierstin Marquet

Today I'm highlighting a book series by Kierstin Marquet. If you like suspense and adventure, you'll definitely want to check out these books!
Three Reluctant Promises (Mason Jar Series)

Kierstin is a talented writer and her first book Three Reluctant Promises is out in paperback as well as ebook.

Here's the book blurb:
Whoever heard of a kidnapper with a sense of honor?

Illegal immigrant Tommy Ramirez takes odd jobs to make ends meet after a car crash leaves him and his sisters orphaned. A bad day becomes a nightmare, when he discovers kidnapped girls in the back of his semi-truck. A victim's mother enlists his help to free the girls, and she is mortally wounded in the attempt. Bound by honor, Tommy makes three promises to her. Dodging death, deportation, and dyslexia, Tommy knows he can’t keep his word by himself. When he makes a desperate grab for help—literally—Ashten Mason, a cop’s spitfire daughter, doesn’t come willingly.

And of course, you'll want to check out Book 2 in the series, Three Stupid Lies (Mason Jar Series Book 2) the pulse-pounding sequel to Three Reluctant Promises, is also out in ebook on!

About the author:
Award-winning author, Kierstin Marquet, has a BS in criminal justice, a minor in psychology, and a love of sleuthing. Her debut novel, Three Reluctant Promises, and its sequel, Three Stupid Lies are the first two books in the Mason Jar Series. These stories were inspired by Kierstin's unique experiences growing up as a police officer's daughter. Experiences like: getting pulled over with lights (thankfully no siren) in the church parking lot and going to process crime scenes in her nightgown. You can visit her and find excerpts from her latest novels at and She's always delighted to hear from anyone who shares a passion for reading and writing at

Sharee Campbell AKA Kierstin Marquet


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