Friday, March 20, 2015

Heather Moore's Secret to Becoming a USA Today Bestselling Author

There are so many great books available and I have been quite the bookworm lately thanks to my cute little baby who I get to snuggle and nurse during the day (and read at the same time.) I enjoy reading books on my Kindle because it only takes one hand. I read this latest book by Heather Moore and Tracy Daley and wanted to share it with you.

A bit about the Book:
E-Book Marketing 101: Promotion Sites for E-Books
Congratulations on writing and publishing your book! Now the nitty-gritty marketing starts. With a lot of excellent marketing tools and books available, why did we write this one? To share a journey of how it’s possible to indie publish a book and hit a bestsellers list. In 2014, Heather Moore hit the USA Today list with a self-published box set. A few months later, she put together the Triple Treat Romance Box Set series, and brought in Tracy Daley to market the series. 12 box sets and 36 authors later, and hitting multiple Top 5 & Top 10 lists consistently, we are ready to pass on our research and recommendations. The promotion sites included in this book are organized in an easy to find manner
to target your specific marketing needs.

Rachelle's Thoughts: This book is a must-read for all self-pubbers out there and authors in general who want to learn how to promote their book. I liked it because it is short and filled with detailed information on everywhere you need to look to help promote your books and increase sales. This isn't a how-to book necessarily, more of a list of promotion services with very detailed information on the results Heather has enjoyed with her own self-published books. You could read this book in less than an hour and then you'll want to go through and visit several of the sites.
E-book Marketing 101 shows different case studies of books and how they succeeded and what worked and what didn't work. It also shows the step-by-step process that Heather utilized to become a USA Today Bestselling author. Heather is one of my favorite writers and she is incredibly talented, along with that she is also very business savvy. Definitely someone to listen to when she offers advice, so pick this book up and share with others who are thinking of ways to promote their books.

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I was provided a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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