Monday, April 13, 2015

Powerful Perennials by Nedra Secrist, My Review

I love gardening and I think that mostly comes from my fabulous mother who has always kept a beautiful garden and yard. My flowerbeds are always in need of weeding but perennial flowers are my favorite because they are the first to welcome spring and add some life to the drab winter scene.

Powerful Perennials is a new book by Nedra Secrist that is jam-packed full of excellent information on this great facet of gardening but the best part is that it's specifically written with western gardeners in mind. Those of us who have to deal with cold climates, dry climates, hungry wildlife, and poor soils!
This book details dozens of different perennials with information that helps you to decide what is best for each area of your yard and garden. I like how Nedra notes which plants are poisonous or have other properties of use. She even shows pictures of how to make little Hollyhock dolls!
This book is a definite keeper as a flowerbed resource and I'm excited to continue learning and looking up information on perennials for my dream flower garden.

Book blurb:
Pack your garden plot with colorful native blooms that will come back year after year!

Beautiful, easy to care for, and extra easy on your wallet—perennials are a thrifty gardener’s best friend. Learn how to make the most of them with this complete guide to gardening with perennials.

Discover all these gorgeous flowers, grasses, and greens, with names you won’t be able to resist.

Turkish Iris, Iris spuria
Candytuft, Iberis
Evening Primrose, Oenothera
Painted Daisy, Tanacetum
Sweet Rocket, Hesperis
Bee Balm, Monarda
Hollyhock, Alcea

For each one you’ll see complete information about how well it tolerates droughts, cold seasons, wildlife, and native soils, so you can pick the plants that will serve you best. Whether you’re looking for something fragrant, a bloom to attract butterflies, or a splash of bright color to light up your yard, there’s a powerful perennial in this book that’s perfect for your garden!

This fine book is the culmination of the experience and knowledge gained over 62 years of gardening.
Finally the Western Rocky Mountain gardeners have a book written for their environment.  Within the books covers are local photos along with descriptions, growing features and the perennial’s ability to thrive in our cold winters, desert conditions, wildlife neighborhoods and difficult soils.

Every perennial offered by Secrist gardens and highlighted in “Powerful Perennials” has been garden tested for performance and hardiness in the higher, colder elevations of Bear Lake, Idaho and the warmer Wasatch Front gardens in Brigham City Utah.

“Powerful Perennials” offers in depth perennial introductions along with all kinds of gardening dilemma solutions, while proving that gardening is the most remarkable activity you will ever experience. This book is a “keeper” promising to become your most valuable gardening tool for years to come

I received a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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