Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spotlight on Calee Reed and The Way Back to Heaven, S. Michael Wilcox

Today I'm spotlighting two new products from Shadow Mountain and Deseret Book.
The first is a new album by Calee Reed filled with light, wholesome music that would be great for any age group.
CD: What Heaven Feels Like
Calee Reed makes her mark as a thoughtful and exciting new voice in spiritual and inspirational music with this beautiful follow-up to her debut album. Her folk pop sound is the perfect backdrop to gorgeous vocals and soaring melody lines. The title track, “What Heaven Feels Like,” stands out with a tender description of the lasting relationships we forge in this life that remain through the life to come. In the song “Possible,” Calee writes from an authentic place of joy as she reflects on God’s ability to extend our eorts beyond what we thought was possible. The song “Charity” is a celebration of love, and “In His Eyes” helps us see ourselves with love, acceptance, and peace. This album will help you see and enjoy more in life. It’s the perfect album to keep you dancing and singing through the summer.

The Way Back to Heaven
Is it possible to climb our way to heaven? Genesis 11 recounts the story of builders in Babel who attempted to build a city and a tower with steps that would reach to heaven. In contrast to those “stairs of man,” Jacob dreamed of a ladder sent from God, reaching down to earth with rungs that ascended back to heaven. In this insightful look at a journey with eternal implications, popular author S. Michael Wilcox helps us discern the “stairs of man” from the “stairs of God.” Using the metaphor of a beautiful crystal stairway—perhaps similar to the “sea of glass like unto crystal” (Rev. 4:6) that the apostle John saw lying before the throne of the Father—the author discusses some of the unexpected yet essential stairs each of us will encounter on our journey back to heaven.

Our earliest scripture tells the story of those who thought they could build a structure high enough to get to heaven, and of the consequences of that mistaken belief. In contrast, the prophet Jacob dreamed of a ladder sent down from heaven by God, with rungs—steps—that we could ascend to return to Him. In The Way Back to Heaven: The Parable of the Crystal Stairs, award-winning author S. Michael Wilcox helps us discern the "stairs of man" from the "stairs of God." Using the metaphor of a beautiful crystal stairway, he shows us the difference between a focus on "being and becoming" and "believing and doing" in our life's journey. While we may think we know the steps we'll need to take, the author suggests some unexpected—even counterintuitive—yet essential stairs each of us will encounter as we make our way back to our Father in Heaven. 
  I received review copies of these items.


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