Friday, July 1, 2016

Celebrate The Soldier's Bride for only $1.99 Kindle Scout Award Winning Novel

I'm celebrating Independence day early and continuing the party throughout July and you're invited!

Let's get this party started with my Kindle Scout Award-winning novel,The Soldier's Bride for only $1.99. That's right, you can get your ebook for only $1.99 or if you'd like a beautiful hardcover copy, those are on sale as well. Contact me via
if you'd like to purchase a personalized and autographed copy shipped directly to you.

"A WWII music box holds a secret for his bride: Don’t die with me."
This romance crosses battlefields and time as the music box touches the lives of two soldiers, a broken father, a crippled child, a struggling farmer, and a woman once called the soldier's bride.

Readers are talking about this women's fiction set in WWII and love how each facet of the story connects and comes full circle.
Here's what one reviewer said:
"This book was simply well-done all around. Well-written, the characters well-drawn, and the way each character's story interacted and affected the others was really an intricate work of art. This isn't your simple romance or average woman's fiction but truly a cut above. Parts left me feeling breathless with nostalgia. I cared for the characters and wanted them all to succeed, and it was nice that even a man who was a real loser because of his tragedies was able to find something to hold onto. The music box brings such incredible hope into people's lives as they face great tragedy and rise above it. I wish I could give it more than five stars. There is depth to the story, which was a refreshing change. This book will not let you down."

Fireworks anyone? July is going to be a blast! I have 2 new releases coming and another huge promotion. I'm so excited to share the fun with you! For those of you who've been asking for another suspense story, hang onto your seats and be on the lookout for a very special announcement! (Yep, I'm keeping you in suspense of course!)

The Summer book trek is underway where you can win free books, lots and lots of free books! I'm offering a copy of Proposals and Poison andThe Soldier's Bride in this fun giveaway. You can check it out here. Join the FB group here
I hope your summer is full of good news, great plans, and fun times with family, and of course, lots of great books!


P.S. Remember The Soldier's Bride is available in ebook for only $1.99 and hardcover here


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